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My trip to fenghuang
SALSAFONDER | Oct 13, 2009 00:49

I took train from chengdu fenghua on 2rd of Octorber. It was near to evening when i arrived at fenghuang. Everything is so exciting to me. I found a hotel and settled down very quickly.

After a rest, i went out for looking the night scenery. At that momnent, so many turists were walking in the street of this old city. Local people already started to do their business. Food stalls along the street, a lot of barbecue served here. Resturants also have a good business. Most of them were full. Poeple enjoyed the nice food happily. After eating tasty food, i came to a bridge. Its name is hongqiao. Hong bridge is the center of fenghuang old city. Its architectural sytle is unique. I came ove the hongqiao and came to another side of fenghuang. There are lot of people selling things to turists. i continued to move and found some bars built along the tuo jiang. Tuojiang is a lake running through this old city. People set up their own houses generation after generation.

In general, fenghuang is full of exotic.


Fenghuang old town in winter

Fenghuang town