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There is another show in Pingyao Yun Jingcheng Show Centre
PINGYAOCN | May 17, 2009 01:11

The Best Dance Drama:A handful of Wild jujubes
A Handful of Wild Jujubes is another dance drama directed by Zhang Jigang, the Vice Director of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Ceremonies and the Art Director of China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe, after his well-known production Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Kwan-yin, China's Virgin Mary) performed by 21 deaf and dumb actresses. In less than one year, "A Handful of Wild Jujubes" has been performed over 100 times in China and was chosen to stage in the Great Hall of the People at the closing ceremony of the third dance season. It is the first dance drama in China's dance history to reflect the culture and describe the love of Shanxi merchants.

Synopsis of the Dance Drama Wild Jujubes
The story takes place in the years between the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. The Yin Family, the erstwhile most prosperous household in the central region of Shanxi Province, is declining with only two members left—a sick and widowed Mrs. Yin and her son, the retarded young master. The head farmhand of the Yin Family is a snob who harbors an evil scheme to embezzle the Yin Family’s wealth. He deliberately schemes to set up his illegitimate daughter, Jujube, as the child bride of the retarded young master.

But, the beautiful and virtuous Jujube is deeply in love with the industrious and intelligent young farmhand and, without her father’s approval, they pledge on a handful of wild jujubes that they will marry. They bravely defy the old farmhand in an effort to change their destinies. But the old farmhand poisons the wild jujubes that symbolize their love, thus turning a beautiful romance into a tragic love story that will stir our heart string for ages to come.
Between the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Victims of years of natural disasters are fleeing the famine-stricken central Shanxi, in the hope of finding a way to survive.
Jujube, the child bride of the Yin Family, and a young farmhand are secretly in love. Aspiring to change their fate, the young farmhand decides to go to Xikou to become an apprentice in business with Jujube’s encouragement. The lovers reluctantly bid farewell to each other by an old gray wall.

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Pingyao Hotel
JPZ6699 | Oct 9, 2005 04:44

Historic Hotel in Pingyao, China
100 Beds, 60 Baths, Sleeps 200
Floors: 5
Wheelchair Accessible
Pet Friendly

Contact the Owner/Agent
Ask For: zhang
Phone: 86-0354-5888406 or Send an Inquiry
On Phone: Please say, "I saw your listing #1583 on"
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Description Photos
Pingyao Hotel,loccated in No.23,Shaxiang street,is one of the government appointed organizations which concerns foreign affairs.It covers 12081 square meters.With PC telephones and cable Tvs,the roomsare givided into 8 luxury suits,93 standard rooms with air-conditioning, 36 standard rooms and 28 ordinary rooms.
  Pingyao hotel owns newly decorated Luxury banquet hall,Chinese restaurant and six compartments of different style. large dining hall which can accommodete 800 pepole for dining at the same time ,two Chinese restauants,180 people and two westem restaurants,50 people .
  The hotel contains a large meeting hall,which can seat 500 people,There are two middle-sized meeting hall with 50-80 seats and two small meeting rooms with 30 seats respectively.It can be used for all kinds of eetings,exbibits and business activifies。
  Its convenient parking lot can hold 100 cars .The food is famous as local delicacies.In recent three years,it has successfully held many academic confe-rences and 40 meeting. Pingyao Hotel takes strict management and warm services as its business principle and stands on the first rank in county with its first-ciass facilities,large scale, convenient communications and reasonable prices.

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