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Nov 3, 2010 23:03

To tell the truth, although I was an experienced self-service traveller, I was nervous about the coming Tibet tour before going. So were my family and friends. Even before I boarding on the plane, they were persuading me to give up, keeping talking about altitude sickness, poor public order and cold ... Details

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Jul 18, 2010 23:45

We trek to The Everest Base Camp(5200m) in the morning to have a close contact with the holy Everest . the beautiful sceneries we sightsee are fantastic. all the way to Tibet we see ravines, gorges, snow mountains,grasslands. and i had that experience. the blue sky and limpid waters and lakes, dense ... Details

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Feb 11, 2010 02:10

Attracted by the blue sky, white cloud, Snow Mountains, holy lakes and Potala Palace for years, I decided to visit Tibet during the "Golden Holidays” in May Day. I traveled with three friends met on the Internet. We planed to go there by train to better adapt altitude stress and return to ... Details

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May 7, 2009 21:29

Lhasa is one of the most featured and mysterious cities in the world.As remoteness and high altitude at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet), it means unaccessibility. However , it’s cultral and holy history has created mysterious and romantic .when I got to there ,for the first time ,it so wonderful ,and ... Details

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Apr 25, 2009 21:00

In my university days 2006 when the Thinghai---Tibet railway finished , i had a good idea --travelling to lhasa .In order to go to , i got a part -time job ,earning enough money .
I got on the T-27 Train in Shijiazhuang in a midnight. Before that in the waiting room i mat some foreigners ... Details

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Sep 7, 2007 01:51

Being Tibet's capital city and it's cultural nucleus, Lhasa is a two-faced city, were charming alleys and courtyards give way to straight streets full of concrete communist blocks, and we're the silent dignity of devoted lines of Buddhists walking along the streets is disrupted by the hustle and noise ... Details

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Sep 1, 2007 19:17

For every train enthusiast; the newly established railway connection from Geermu (Golmud) to Lhasa is of course an absolute must-do. Being the highest railroad in the world, it has instantly become a classis amongst famous railway lines such as the Orient Express and de Trans-Siberian Railway. So, I ... Details

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Jan 17, 2007 17:01

Like many people I have often dreamed of making a trip to the mystical land of Tibet located on the world’s highest plateau with altitudes averaging around 3,600 meters. As this dream became reality, I began to make preparations for my journey into a land of fierce natural beauty, where the climate ... Details

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Apr 13, 2006 08:04

I read once, that one of the places every person must see before dying was the Potala Palace, in Tibet…
It was like a Top10 list including the Taj Mahal, the Egipt pyramids, the Tour Eiffel, etc, all amazing and unforgettable places that every one of us that loves travelling and experience ... Details

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Apr 18, 2005 12:04

Now I know that this is a web page for China but I have to share somthing that I think is very amazing. Also its in Thailand and there are many Chinese people here and its not so far from China.

>Bangkok is on Fire!

My feet are burnt, my shirt is soaked, and if there wasn't 8 million ... Details

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