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  • Our Recent Tour to Tibet
    MD | Nov 16, 2010 22:36

    We recently went to Tibet. We first picked our dates then contacted the tour people; got our own flights through the web site. couriered TBB to Xian hotel. wanted to verify our TTB (Tibet travel permit) before allowing us to book a flight into Lhasa (leaving was no problem). I emailed them the details of the tour we arranged and there was OK. It's kind of scary because it was an eticket but not with the usual western 6-character number ...

  • Practical Tips from Tibet Trip
    BL2022 | Nov 3, 2010 23:03
  • trek in tibet
    FRAUMAY | Jul 18, 2010 23:45
  • My journey to Lhasa
    SLEEPYHAMSTER | Feb 11, 2010 02:10
  • Four Days Short Trip in Tibet
    BLUESKY001 | Dec 29, 2009 18:47
Lijiang to Lin zhi
JOHNSONJING | Aug 5, 2007 00:43

Once i was on the road No.214 from Lijiang to Lin zhi that is about 700 km northwest wanderful ! so splendid ! all the way was so fantastic ! I agree that is first choose for exploring if you really want some perfect hiking paradise ! i was so impressed as so surprise because the snow mountain,grassland stream, the river Yangtze and Meikong ! also the different group of the local people !if you wand the detail of the trip information that please ask the our guide Mr.Johnson.he is one very good manager to organise your programe ...thouch him at the company China Aladdin Fine Travel is in front of the Lijiang Old Town where is near the waterwell ....very easy way could call him 13988819921...

Tibet Cultural Tips II
RUNNERMORE | Jul 11, 2006 18:31

Ask permission first before taking pictures of other people in the Barkhor areas. Sometimes they will ask you for money but most of time it is ok to give them a little gift.

Take care of the dog when you are walking in the local residential areas.

There are many WCs in Lhasa. You have to pay 0.2 Yuan entrance fee and 0.8 Yuan for tissue if you need one.

There are many Shops for Showering in Lhasa.Price varies from 3 to 5 Yuan per person.

There are many Internet Cafes around the Barkhor Areas. Price varies from 5 to 10 Yuan per room.

If you are interested in collecting coins, you can find various patterns of coins of major countries exhibited in PotalaPalace.


From Ali(Shiquanhe Town to Lhasa)


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