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Chengdu Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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how to avoid unnecessary consumption in China
By JUSTLETGO | 6/20/2012 1:44:46 AM

There is no doubt that many tourists,when coming to China, would buy a lot of souvenirs. Of course, the price is important, because, to some extent, the different price determines the quality of the goods. But for some foreign people, they buy many useless things with a lot of money and they donot even acknowlege that. Many foreign tourists would exchange RMB into their country's currency to see how much the products are when they are going to buy something. i am gonna tell you, it ain't a wise way. Chinese customer buy the same goods in the same store or from the same peddler as many foreign tourists do in a extramely low price. Becase these private stores or peddlers would like to sell their products in high price to foreign people.

From Shuangliu International Airport to Your Hotel
By VANESSAZHONG | 12/24/2011 12:36:37 AM

The best way to your hotel from airport is to take the shuttle bus which destination is Minshan Hotel. This hotel is located in the city center. Then go to your hotel by taxi. Don't think it's waste of money because you are not familiar with Chengdu.

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
By VANESSAZHONG | 12/24/2011 12:18:39 AM

When is the best time to visit giant pandas?
Can you guess?
Maybe some of you have known the right answer. That must be--- Not Summer!
The giant pandas love the cool weathers. They will have sound sleep on their wooden beds outside in the heavy rain. If possible, don’t go to Chengdu Panda Base in hot summer. Don’t complaint that you couldn’t see one living panda playing in the playgrounds in summer! They are enjoying their icy beds in the air-conditioner rooms.
Last month, one of the friends in my tour group asked me, why there is no little baby panda? Actually, the giant pandas have their own regulars. Naturally, the baby pandas will be given birth in autumn. Now they are between 4 to 6 months-old.
Sometimes, people asked me some questions about the pictures they saw on the internet. They said, is there any place we can take pictures with giant panda? The answer is Yes. But you must pay for it. They call it Donation. You could donate some money to pandas. But only if you donate more than CNY1, 000 per person, you will be allowed to have pictures with giant panda. Of course, the time is quite short as the panda is fed with apples or honey sticks when they are taking pictures with you. If they eat too much, it will cause some disease to them, i.e. diarrhea. What about CNY500 one? We had seen that one. That is another question. Before 2010, the adult panda was also allowed to have pictures with people. But the workers thought it was too dangerous. So, it was cancelled. Additionally, as I know, the price will be raised to CNY1, 300 on Jan.1, 2012.
There is also a program called volunteer. Everyday you work exactly as a panda keeper; including cleaning the rooms, prepare food for pandas, etc.
Certainly, both of them must be made a reservation first.
What about adopt a giant panda? That is CNY50, 000 per year. You may adopt it with your friends. You could see the panda you adopt anytime you want. What you should do is to give them a call before you do. You can take pictures with it, too. If there is a company want to adopt the giant panda, that is CNY100, 000 per year.

8trees Wine Bar & Restaurant
By ERIYSG | 4/18/2009 5:43:21 AM

One tourist attaction I found in Chengdu is 8trees wine bar & restaurant in Ping An Alley, It's located in a century old Roman Catholic church build in 1904. Rich in heritage and has its unique architecture style. Amazing century old underground wine cellar. It also deserves credit for its wood interior, hand-painted paper lamps, and the floor window that looks down on the wine cellar. Not forgetting the 8 ginko trees at the restaurant entrance. And of course for the quality of the food, which is excellent, and priced that way. Serves contemporary European and Singapore cuisine. The ambiance is perfect, the interiors and exteriors are so artsy and poetry is all over the place - great food, great wait staff, great wines!

Sichuan Food Rocks!
By CSHANSELLO | 4/12/2007 9:58:55 PM

Near Tibet street and Wuhou temple, there are some great places to eat. You may not think so, since it is such a tourist area, but the food there is very good.

At the end of Tibet street where it meet WuHou Temple Street, there is a great Dan Dan Noodle place. You will know it is the right one by the crowds of people eating noodles. Dan Dan noodles (dan dan mien) are a Sichuan specialty, and so are spicy. You must try them when you are in Chengdu.

Futher down Tibet street is a Tibetan resturauant that is painted bright yellow with a painting of a yak on the front. The food here is great and cheep, and they have an English menu. I recommend the yak meat bread.

The hot pot resturaunts on WuHou Temple are very good. There is one across the street from the temple that is very cheep (closer to Tibet street. There are two, and I like the one that doesn't have a take out window). We got two plates of meat, a plate of fish, and around six plates of vegtables and it only cost 56 yuan. I reccomend the sweet potato noodles. They also have an English Menu.

Finally, the tourist street near the Wuhou temple is very cheesy, but there is a snack street that that is very good. I especially liked the 7 rolls. Yum!
Don't be shy to try Sichuan food. Most Chinese people agree that it's the best in China.

Where to stay in Chengdu
By CSHANSELLO | 4/12/2007 9:46:14 PM

Hi all!
Just wanted you to know that I really like staying in "Holly's Hostel" in Chengdu. I have been to Chengdu twice, and stayed there both times. A private room is 100-120 RMB. The people are helpful and friendly, the cafe is pretty good and cheep (I like the ginger tea), and the location is great (right by the Wuhou temple and Tibet street). I think it is my favorite place to stay in China.

The only things you should know if you stay there is that the showers aren't great (the water goes from hot to cold, and in the morning, I only got a trickle of water), and the Sichuan Opera show isn't worth the money. Near the Wuhou temple, there is a tea house where you can see a show for the price of a cup of tea (15 yuan for the cheepest tea).

If you stay there, there is an excellent Dan Dan noodle resturaunt (just look for the crowd eating noodles!) and a great Tibetan resturaunt (the outside is yellow with a yak painted on the side). The hot pot on the main street is also very good.
Have fun in Chengdu!

Panda cubs are cute, but you can only take photos of the adults
By DICKNKY | 9/18/2010 6:00:51 AM

If you don't have time to get to Wu Long there is a Panda research centre just outside Cheng Du (NOT THE ZOO). You can take a bus, but a taxi is only about £3 (US$6) each way. The centre is well run and has lots of info in English. When I was there they had ten cubs of less than one year old and they are so cute. They were all having their health check-up on the day I visited, but apparently you can hold one if you are there on the right day of the week.

Weiqi in Chengdu
By PILIPILI | 2/5/2007 11:24:09 PM

Did you hear about weiqi? (go in japanese or baduk in corea) Chengdu is the native place about this game. And there is a french guy there witch is goal is to promote the relationship between east and west about this game.
His blog: (many pictures, articles, even some professional games...)

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