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To Yongding
BONITA | Dec 24, 2004 11:23

From Xiamen to Yongding for seeing the famous earth house (tulou), you can just take the long-distance bus at the Hubin South Bus Station and Wucun Bus Station, and about 4-5 hours the earth hourses group will appear in your eyes.

The Fujian Adventure-- (Fujian--#1 for Foreigners!)
AMOYBILL | May 3, 2004 23:38

Fujian, home of China's maritime industry, Start of the Silk Road of the Sea, and home of most Overseas Chinese, is one of China's most fascinating provinces--and I should know. In 1994, I drove our van Toy Ota over 40,000 km around China, up the coast to Mongolia, through the Gobi Desert to Tibet, and back through South China, but decided that of all the wonderful places in China, Fujian is the most unique, with the most dialects of any province, and an unparalleled natural, historic and cultural diversity. Wuyi Mountain, home of tea, is a cultural and historic wonderland, with a biological diversity that rivals Eden. Ningde has China's largest waterfalls complex. Quanzhou was the largest seaport on earth, rivaling Alexandria, Egypt, and a Jerusalem of Asia with every major religion in the world, as well as the source of the treasured Dehua porcelain, Anxi tea, and marvelous Chinese marionettes. S.W. Fujian has the unique Hakka earthen dwellings. And... sites are endless! I wrote about many of my favorite Fujian attractions in the 400+ page color book "Fujian Adventure," but you can review some of them on our Amoy Magic website:
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